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Pure Classic Pre-Re Server, No Pay To Win

Get Started

Get Started

JebatRO is a pure classic server, there is absolutely no pay to win,
you can get most the donation item just by playing the game !

There is 2 option provided to download JebatRO, you may download lite version or simply download full version which already came with JebatRO Patcher

Download Lite Download Full

Server Details

Server Type Pre-Re
Server Location SINGAPORE
Server Managed From Malaysia
Max Level 99/60
Max Stats 99
Max Aspd 190
Intant Cast 150
Jobs Available Normal / Trans / Expand ( Not Available : Oboro / Kagerou / Rebelion )
Episode 12 Nightmare Of Midgard
Base And Job Exp 8x
Normal Item Drops 3x
Healing And Useable Item Drops 3x
Equipment Drop 3x
Normal Card Drop 3x
MVP Card Drop 3x

Commands List

@commands List Available Commands
@rates Show Server rates
@time Show Server Time (GMT+8) Malaysia Time Zone
@mhp Show hourly Point Avaiable
@exp Show Experience Gained
@iteminfo Show item info
@help list All Avaiable Command
@autoloottype Loot Item By Type
@alootid Loot Item By ID
@uptime Show Server Uptime
@showexp Show Experience Gained
@showdelay Show Delay
@whodrops Show Which Monster Drop The Item
@hominfo Show Homunculus Info
@jailtime Show Jail Time
@autoloot Loot Drops Auto
@homstat Show Homunculus Status
@mobinfo Show Monster Info
@mission Show Mission Details
@mhp Show Hourly Point Avaiable


Based on player who wrote them on RMS : Visit

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Server is non pay to win, but we still need support to pay server hosting, new scripts, graphic and such
For each donation made will be rewarded with Proof Of Donation
Please read donation guide-line before making any donation Read Here

Malaysia Banking

RM10 / Minimun Donation

  • Online Banking
  • CDM Transfer
  • RM 10 = 10 Proof Of Donation

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RM10 / Minimum Donation

  • Just Scan the code below
  • RM 10 = 10 Proof Of Donation